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So you want to submit some content? Great! All you need to do is send me an email at: charlesswtutscomEmail2

In your email describe who you are, and what your first submission is about. Do not email me your presentation. I will then respond with further instructions.

You can either upload your presentation directly to this site, or you can link to your own site which has your presentation on it. SWtuts isn’t trying to horde presentations, just provide a common location to find all the great SolidWorks presentations out there.

Content that is allowed and encouraged:

  • Video tutorials (similar to a full presentation)
  • Written tutorials, either PDF, webpages, or other.
  • Presentations, PowerPoint or similar with attached files.

Content that is not acceptable:

  • Paid services. SWtuts is a free community driven page. If you own, or are part of a paid service (online learning, VAR, etc), you can post any free content.