SolidWorks Tutorials and Videos

Building or Specifying Computers for SolidWorks

by Charles Culp, and Anna Wood,


Updated for February, 2015, this presentation was originally created for SOLIDWORKS World 2013. The updated presentation is linked below, as well as the original.

Anna and Charles discuss which computer components are best for SOLIDWORKS. Ever wonder if that expensive video card is worth it? Do you need 8GB of RAM, or 32? Are SSD’s reliable? All of these topics are discussed, and Anna and Charles focus on the underlying patterns so you can make purchasing decisions today, and well into the future.

Benchmarks used in this presentation:
CPU Benchmark:

FEA Benchmark (V1):

Rendering Benchmark:
Speakers for Render Benchmark

Download the presentation:

2015 Computer Specifications for SOLIDWORKS


  1. Joelr Joelr
    January 23, 2013    

    Hello Charles and Anna,

    I looked at your presentation and I wished that I was there to see you live. Sadly I live far away.
    Is there a way to see the entire presentation by video (i looked at the solidworks channel at YouTube but didn’t find it yet), or maybe a presentation that has all the script from your lecture at solidworks world 2013?

    Thanks, joel

    • Charles Charles
      January 23, 2013    


      Our presentation was recorded at SolidWorks World, and they will publish it on the official SolidWorks World proceedings website in about a month and a half. At that time I will embed the video directly here on this site.

      • joelr joelr
        January 24, 2013    

        thanks Charles,

        a month and a half? that’s depressing… im pretty much waiting for your input for the last two weeks to buy my new workstation parts.
        will you be posting the new suggested build system thread on the SW forum? or is it best that i post my specs for my workstation on a new thread on the forum and maybe you’ll help me there?

        regards, Joel

        • Charles Charles
          January 24, 2013    


          I will be posting to the forums next week. The powerpoint above does show my suggested system. Post on the forum what you are thinking, and I will get back to you early next week if I think it is appropriate.

  2. Karl Karl
    March 4, 2013    

    I’m looking for the Spin50 macro, which I’ve been told can be found at this link, but I’m not seeing it. Can ya help me?

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