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NHSWUG – 8/4/2011 – Tips and Tricks

by Mark Biasotti, DS Solidworks Corp.

Mark gave a presentation covering general tips and tricks for advanced modeling. His tips include how to repeat a command, using the search bar, quickly creating an offset Ref Plane, repairing dangling dimensions, toggling between driven and driving dimensions, thumbwheel control, move, replace, and delete face, 3D sketch extrude, boundary connectors, normal to view orientation, intersection curve, selecting hidden edges, using instant 3D, and tricky fillet intersections.

You can download the accompanying SolidWorks files here: NHSWUG – Tips and Tricks SolidWorks Files

You can watch his presentation video here:

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  1. December 7, 2011    

    Great tips Mark, thanks for sharing!

    Would love to see your additional 14, especially if they touch upon electrical routing at all.

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