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Surfacing for Non-Believers

by Charles Culp,

Presented at:
St Louis Technical Summit 2008,
Colorado SolidWorks User Group 2008,
Phoenix SolidWorks User Group 2009,
SolidWorks World 2010,
Kansas City Technical Summit 2011,
SWUG of Nebraska 2011

Are you a machine designer, but interested in what surfacing tools can do for you? This presentation covers the basics of surfacing tools, including boundary surface, fill, and trim. Then the discussion moves to a few examples of how you can apply simple surfacing techniques to your machine design part. Examples include how to use delete face, untrim, create smooth thinned areas, and fixing bad fillets.

This presentation has been revised many times, you can download the latest presentation, and watch the video from SolidWorks World 2010.

Download the 2011 Version Here: Surfacing For Non-Believers

The video from SolidWorks World 2011 is no longer available.

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  1. Guenter Manigel Guenter Manigel
    February 23, 2012    

    Hi Mr. Culp,
    My inquiry is not related to this presentation. I have question related to “scanto3D” and seen some of your online contributions. Which by the way have been given very good insight. It would be great, if you have the time and drop me a quick email. I would like to discuss this “offline” with you.

    Thank you,

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