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tsElements for SolidWorks, Modo Workflow

by Mark Biasotti, DS SolidWorks Corp

This video tutorial is an introduction on how to use tsElements, the plug-in made by T-Splines, to import Modo files. Mark covers how to create a model in Modo, then use the tsElements plug-in to import as an .obj file in SolidWorks.

Download the files here: modo and tsElements Demo Files


  1. Sohan Lal Chauhan's Gravatar Sohan Lal Chauhan
    December 20, 2011    

    very nise

  2. DJ's Gravatar DJ
    January 3, 2013    

    Awesome demo! However, please, for the love of god, turn off your computer sounds, especially the mouse clicks. It is very distracting and takes away my desire to watch, even though the subject matter is of interest..


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