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Curves from Beginning to End

by Mark Biasotti, DS SolidWorks Corp

Presented at: SolidWorks World 2008

Mark covers the basics of SolidWorks surfacing. Good spline sketching techniques, why surfacing and curvature control are important, and how to use SolidWorks surfacing tools to your best advantage. This presentation covers good method for creating and controlling splines in 3D space.

Download the presentation from SolidWorks: Curves from Beginning to End


  1. MBD Moreland MBD Moreland
    April 15, 2011    

    no audio commentary. PPT was therefore of little use

  2. May 18, 2011    

    As the 1st commenter, (and this seems to apply to everything I have tried to access here this morning), I downloaded the ppt presentation, and I get a silent version of Phil’s or Mark’s slides, which are basicly just his reminder of the next item on the agenda. How do I get the video presentation with live SW demo? I just got un upgraded computer with the newest MS Suite, including ppt. Is there a setting on the new ppt I need? I am getting a flag that my video card is not optimum for ppt, but I declined to change, because it is optimized for SW.

    • May 22, 2011    


      This presentation is only available as a .ppt. The 2008 SolidWorks World was not recorded, so there is no video recording to put on the webpage.

      Most of the other presentations should have video to accompany them, if you find one from SolidWorks 2009 or later, then there is a recording available. You can leave a note in the comments section of those pages and I will add a link to it, but you can always go to SolidWorks World Proceedings and search for it there.

  3. Andrew Troup Andrew Troup
    July 23, 2011    

    Some people may not realise that there are reasonably comprehensive “Speaker Notes” included with this presentation: one convenient way to see these is to “View/Normal” rather than the more usual “Slide Show” display

  4. Steen Winther Steen Winther
    November 8, 2011    

    Just wondering why I get a login page from WordPress when I try to download this presentation….?

    • November 8, 2011    

      Sorry, I should have this fixed shortly. It is an issue with my counting plug-in. The problem is now understood so I hope to correct it tonight.

      Update- This problem should now be fixed. If anyone still has problems, please comment.

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