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Everything Curves and Surfaces

by Mark Biasotti, DS SolidWorks Corp

Presented at: SolidWorks World 2009

Mark gives a presentation covering a full span of surfacing topics. From the basics of curvature and good industrial design, to each advanced modeling tool, and when to use it. This presentation covers the gamut of advanced SolidWorks modeling. How good is it? At SolidWorks World 2009 it got a standing ovation. You don’t see that very often for a technical seminar.

Download:Everything Curves and Surfaces

The Video from the SolidWorks Proceedings site is no longer available.


  1. June 12, 2011    

    Great tutorial!!

  2. Robert Lowrance Robert Lowrance
    June 22, 2011    

    Could not get the video to load. ? I am sure i could get something out of this surface video. I use surfaces too seldom.

    Bob L.

    • June 22, 2011    

      Maybe try again and be a bit patient? I have heard that sometimes it takes a while.

      If it still doesn’t work you can go here: then click on “World 2009” in the drop-box. Then do a search for Mark’s presentation. It is the same video, hosted on the same server.

    • August 18, 2011    

      Hi Everyone –

      We need to collect more specifics from folks who are having issues viewing SolidWorks World videos.

      If you are having issues, can you please tell us more at this survey:
      so that we can troubleshoot in detail.

      It looks like folks may be having a variety of issues, but we’ll need more data to follow up on this.



  3. Will Will
    July 5, 2011    

    Could you please provide a link to the Digital Tire Pressure Gauge model from the presentation? Thank you.

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