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Getting Around the Project Curve Constraint Problem

by, Mark Biasotti, DS SolidWorks Corp

Do you use Project Curve? Have you ever run into problems adding further constraints to sketches with those curves? This quick video shows how you can get around the constraint problems.


  1. Christine Christine
    December 24, 2011    


    I could not download this file from clicking on the image.
    Intead, it pops up WorldPress


    • December 25, 2011    

      Thanks for the comment Christine, this problem should be fixed now.

  2. Tony Tammer Tony Tammer
    July 26, 2013    

    Charles, can you tell why projected curves sometimes are shorter than they need to be? I mean they don’t extend fully to the end of the shortest original curve from which they are derived.

    Thank you

    Tony Tammer
    John Swett High School
    Crockettt, CA

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