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Introduction to Boundary Surface

by Mark Biasotti, DS SolidWorks Corp

Created for: SolidWorks 2007

Mark created this spoon video as a tutorial for the introduction of Boundary Surface. Boundary Surface can now probably be described as the most powerful, and fundamental tool for SolidWorks surfacing.


  1. Robert Mustari Robert Mustari
    July 19, 2011    

    This “video” taught me absolutely nothing. A complete waste of my time.

    • December 5, 2011    

      You are “scare quoting” the word video? Perhaps you clicked on the screen shots used in the introduction, instead of the actual video below.

  2. Gary Gary
    July 21, 2011    

    Regarding your “Boundry Surface” video.
    I receive audio but no video.

    • July 21, 2011    

      Sorry to hear that, Gary. Try right clicking on it, and “save link as…” This will allow you to download the video. Hopefully you get the video in your native player, or it will prompt you to download the codec required.

  3. Ryan H Ryan H
    September 14, 2011    

    Thanks for this! Awesome tutorial. I didn’t know you can drag endpoints while using the selection manager or that you can add connectors to a boundary surface. Very happy I watched.

  4. Steve W Steve W
    January 14, 2012    

    I’m impressed! Didn’t know that SW could make B-rep surfaces until now. Is this available in all versions of SW 2012? I’d like to try this out. Using SW Pro 2012.

    • January 14, 2012    

      Yes. SolidWorks has had this capability since SW2007, and like all modeling tools, is available in all packages.

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