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SolidWorks Tips and Tricks 2011

by Phil Sluder, TriAxial Design and Analysis

Experience a fast paced session of tips focusing on how to use SolidWorks 2011 in the real world. These will not be found in the help file, they come from years of learning, teaching, and using it daily in a small dynamic design environment.

There will include something for everyone; parts, assemblies, and drawings. We’ll break down and simplify some very creative ways to use common SolidWorks tools with emphasis on why we picked various tools and explore alternate methods to solve problems.

Download: SolidWorks World 2011 Tips & Tricks (for an unknown reason, Internet Explorer will rename this to a .zip file. Make sure to rename the extension to .pptx so you can view it in Powerpoint)

The video presentation from the SolidWorks World 2011 proceedings site is no longer available.


  1. April 6, 2011    

    Thank you for the Presentation. :-)

  2. Juan Juan
    May 18, 2011    

    can someone tell me what I’m doing wrong. I downloaded the zip file with the presentation but all I see are .jpeg , .png & .xlm files. How do I see the actual presentation?


  3. Jody Jody
    May 18, 2011    

    I’m having the same problem as Juan. I can’t find a file that will start the presentation.


  4. Ricky Martinez Ricky Martinez
    May 18, 2011    

    same problem as mentioned what do i do with all these files to view presentation

  5. May 18, 2011    

    Well, apparently no one is watching these comments, because I have the same question as the previous three people trying to use this thing….a bunch of xml’s, png’s . The code in the file “app.xml” looks as if it MIGHT have been intended to make the thing run, but opened in IE, all it does is list the code. Apparently the last time the silly thing actually worked was back on April 6 when the first commenter used it.
    COME ON, SWpeople; I know you couldn’t make SW2010 work worth 2 cents, but at least get the stuff you broadcast to work!

    • May 18, 2011    

      Jack. I will look into this later. I am not a SW employee, I run this site on my own free time, and I am out of town on vacation.

      I will try and get this resolved, but in the meantime run a real browser, like Chrome.

      – I have diagnosed the error with the way Internet Explorer handles the download. I’m not sure what it is doing, but it is automatically converting the .pptx file to a .zip file. Chrome, Firefox, and Safari do not automatically rename the file (isn’t that nice of IE to know what is best for us). All you need to do is rename the file extension to .pptx.

  6. David Bowdle David Bowdle
    May 19, 2011    

    How can you view the presentation if you still have PowerPoint 2003, which does not recognize *.pptx?

  7. MikeP MikeP
    May 19, 2011    

    I changed the .zip to pptx in the download manager and saved straight as pptx. I am viewing in MS Powerpoint 2002 (Build 10.6501.6626)SP3 with no problem. I can even edit it if I want. To run as a show, click the screen icon, bottom left of screen. Can’t say if there is sound because there’s no sound on my (Works) PC.
    This also runs in Portable OOO and Libra Office.

  8. TomH TomH
    May 20, 2011    

    Guys, you have to change the extension of the “.zip” file to “.pptx”. Then it will open normally. Do NOT try to “unzip” the file with Winzip or something.

    IE changed teh .pptx to a .zip, so just change it back and all is good. It’s an MS problem, not a SW issue, beyond they guy is having trouble with IE.

    Cool down, and lay-off on the SW slams, until you really have a gripe/issue.

    This isn’t the first time I’ve seen this, it happens fairly commonly with web-transfers of Office files.

  9. CS CS
    May 20, 2011    

    If you have an older power point that cannot view .pptx then go to and download the newest Power Point viewer (its free).

  10. May 25, 2011    

    I am not having problems with the .zip file thing. I downloadd the .pptx file no problem. When i open the file in Powerpoint 2010, I get a bunch of slides, but the slide show does not run.

    That is fine – I can view them one at a time. But is there video to go with this? Am I supposed to get something out of this? I can see that a problem is being posed in the various slides, but without the script or a video track, this presentation does not do much for increasing my understanding of anything other than the depths of my ignorance. – Now I know about more things that are a problem I don’t know how to solve!

    • May 25, 2011    


      My intent was to make the PowerPoint of my SWW2011 presentation available for the community to use within their company and/or at user group meetings, etc. I felt the example files were simple enough to recreate, so I did not include them. For a detailed explanation and full video of the presentation, you can follow the link found elsewhere in the description.

      Thanks, – Phil

    • May 26, 2011    

      Steve, there is a video for this presentation. Look a little lower on the page…

      Video Presentation of the SolidWorks World 2011 Proceedings: Video of SolidWorks Tips and Tricks 2011
      Views: 697

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